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Greetings Friends,

    About 58 years ago JFK vowed to expose the NWO plot. He was assassinated in the process. In reading the contents of these series of volumes, you will learn who Mystery Babylon is and how they have planned to "enslave people" via Politics, Big Pharma, Economics and Religion.

Free Download of All in the Series

    Each volume is a downloadable PDF file for viewing on any computer. Please feel free to share this information far and wide. Each page can be posted, where ever it is safe, on billboards, posts, etc. It is too late in their "game" and we must awake the masses, included those diluted souls who don't know they've been brainwashed by the puppet media, their gov't, and others who have not awaken to the truth.

  • DSDS - VOL. 1 - Bankruptcy of the United States Corp. and Agenda 2030.
  • DSDS - VOL. 2 - The PLANDEMIC, Planned Big Pharma Bio-Weapon Genocide.
  • DSDS - VOL. 3 - The Invisible Enemy, Is Not Invisible Nor Invincible!
  • DSDS - VOL. 4 - New Age Movement, New World Order and Who Runs the Vatican?
  • DSDS - VOL. 5 - Who is Running the Mainstream Media ... and Why?
  • DSDS - VOL. 6 - The FEDeral Reserve Corp, IRS, and Theft by Deception!
  • DSDS - VOL. 7 - Deep State and Mother of Harlots Connection!

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